Service Project – Cookie Dough Fundraiser

For this fundraiser, we raised money for our school by selling cookie dough, magazine subscriptions, and more! This fundraiser has ended as of December 2016


Service Project – Food Drive

For this service project, we collected cans for people in need in our community. We collected hundreds of cans! This service project is over as of December 20th 2016.

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Service Project – Fuzzy Socks & Crosswords for the Pink House

For this service project, we collected fuzzy socks and crossword puzzles for those going through treatment and residing at the Pink House

Upcoming Service Project – Collecting Markers and Coloring Books for Children in Hospitals

At hospitals around the world, children with bad illnesses and injuries can go weeks in the hospital, bound to their beds. We hope to bring them some happiness this spring by collecting markers and coloring books for them to use in bed while recuperating. We will only be accepting packs of markers in new or like-new condition, and unused coloring books. Thank you for your support!

To make the collection fun, we are making it a competition. The male teacher who’s homeroom classroom brings in the most markers and coloring books will receive a party for him and his class. Similarly, The female teacher who’s homeroom classroom brings in the most markers and coloring books will receive a party for her class. The type of party will be voted on by the school. You can cast your vote if you are an MMS student or staff member by going to http://bit.ly/2iRIfoZ and submitting your answer.